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How to Make Your Own Beer

Making beer requires steeping a starch,commonly cereal grains such as malted barley in water and then fermenting with a brewer's yeast. Beer is often flavored with hops and other starches and sugars can also be added. A trip to a good beer and wine store and you'll see that beers are brewed with a variety of ingredients including fruits, vegetables and even chocolate.

Beer Ingredients


Steps in the brewing process,include malting, milling, mashing, lautering, boiling, fermenting, conditioning, filtering, and packaging. The three main fermentation methods are warm,cool and wild or spontaneous. Fermentation may take place in open or closed vessels. There may be a secondary fermentation that can take place in the brewery, in the cask, or in the bottle.

How to make beer at home

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Getting Started in Homebrewing

If you are thinking about making your own beer at home then you'll need to know what kinds of supplies you will need. Fortunately you can find all the equipment, supplies and ingredients you need from supplies on the Internet.


The most important part of getting started in homebrewing is choosing equipment. You can find equipment kits on-line that will provide all of the components needed to brew gallons of beer.


You can purchase 5 gallon recipe kits from most dealers. Ale is recommended for novice home brewers because they ferment at room temperature and are ready to drink faster than lagers.

MR.BEER West Coast Pale Ale w/Booster

MR.BEER West Coast Pale Ale w/Booster

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Brewing Kettle

You'll need a large stock pot that will hold at least 2-3 gallons. These should be made of stainless steel and not aluminum which can oxidize the beer. You can find high quality stock pots from homebrewing or restaurant supply web sites.


You'll need nearly 60 bottles for a 5 gallon batch of home brewed beer. Start saving your empty bottles as buying on-line can be costly due to shipping charges. Only "beer bottle" with pop tops can be used. If you need bottles you can also find places on the Internet where they can be purchased.

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MR.BEER Brewmaster's Ultimate Beer Kit

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